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2002/2003 State Estuary Championships

The State Estuary Fishing Championships for 2002/2003 were held in the Swan and Canning Rivers on Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 November, 2002, for teams of club members and for individual club members from clubs affiliated with AAA.

The success of the event was due to the input and efforts of the committee - Mark Beauchamp, Terry Bell, Don Cox, Joe Horvath, Ron Mathews, Peter Stoeckel and John Ward. I thank them for the enthusiasm that they have given. Winners for this year were:-

Species Winners.

WhitingDon Batchelor 475 g
Tailor George Brown420 g
FlatheadDave Haimes825 g
FlounderJoe Gauci425 g
Black Bream Mark Sinclair660 g
TarwhineMark Sinclair375 g
MullowaySpencer King9.0 kg

Spencer King's Mulloway  Steve Bruhn's most unusual fish - a Grinner  Dave Haimes' Flathead  Don Batchelor's Whiting Joe Gauci's Flounder  Mark Sinclair's Black Bream

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Individual Winners.

MenWinnerPaul WillisOffshore Angling Club
Runner-up Mick BurginFremantle Amateur Angling Club
LadiesWinnerJanet HughesBunbury Angling Club
Runner-upJuanita Ciampini Melville Amateur Angling Club
VeteransWinnerDon BatchelorSurf Casting and Angling Club
Runner-upRay ShersbyMelville Amateur Angling Club
JuniorWinnerDaniel BellWhitfords Sea Sports Club
Runner-upCathrine BoylenMelville Amateur Angling Club
Mini JuniorWinnerRyan O'DeaFremantle Amateur Angling Club
Runner-upMitchell BellWhitfords Sea Sports Club

All the details of individual results are listed in Full individual results.

 Paul Willis, 2002 State Estuary Mens Winner  Mick Burgin, 2002 State Estuary RunnerUp.  Don Batchelor, 2002 State Estuary Veteran Winner  Janet Hughes, 2002 State Estuary Ladies Winner.

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 Daniel Bell, 2002 State Estuary Junior Winner.  Ryan O'Dea, 2002 State Estuary Mini Junior Winner.  Jim Strong and George Brown with the trophies at the 2002 State Estuary Championships.

Winning Teams.

MenWinnerMelville Amateur Angling Club
Runner-up Offshore Angling Club
LadiesWinnerBunbury Angling Club
Runner-upMelville Amateur Angling Club
VeteransWinnerSurf Casting and Angling Club
Runner-upMelville Amateur Angling Club
JuniorWinnerWhitfords Sea Sports Club
Runner-upMelville Amateur Angling Club
Mini Junior WinnerWhitfords Sea Sport Club
Runner-upFremantle Amateur Angling Club

All the details of team results are listed in Full team results.

Special acknowledgment must go to John Ward for the work in coordinating and organising prizes, Peter Stoeckel for organising the trophies and recovering the perpetual trophies, Don Cox for organising prizes and Field Day Officer duties, Terry Bell for scoring, Paul Frzop for scoring and running the presentations.

I must also thank the participants, without whom the event also would not happen. Seventy seven participants from six clubs registered for the event. 45 men, 8 ladies 5 juniors (under 16) and 4 mini juniors (under 12) attended.

This event was supported by businesses and clubs that donated prizes. The donor of the prizes was identified by labels that were attached to the prize and acknowledged to all participants at the presentation. The donors of prizes were: WA Bait Supply, Allsports O'Connor, Custom Networks, Don Cox, Bunbury Angling Club, Fremantle Amateur Angling Club, Offshore Angling Club, Whitfords Sea Sports Club.

Association members should support the prize donors and where possible make it known that you belong to the AAA and are supporting them because of their generosity.

Kevin Hughes, Chair, AAA Beach and Estuary Subcommittee

This event was run under the following:-

Rules of The Day

Boundaries:- Upstream from the Fremantle traffic bridge (the old wooden one). Includes fishing from the bridge itself. Fishing is prohibited from any areas that are not open to public access eg private yacht club jetties.

Registration:- Troy Park , Burke Dr, Attadale from 11am-12 noon Saturday, 23 November.

Weigh in:- Troy Park, Burke Dr, Attadale at 11am sharp 24 November.

Presentation:- Troy Park about 12 noon.

Lines Down:- 2pm Saturday.

General Rules:-

1. All competitors must be registered as individuals on the Individual registration form.

2. Clubs may nominate up to two teams in each category by completing the supplied team nomination. These forms must be submitted prior to registration close. No separate fee is required.

3. Team numbers are:

mens: up to seven competitors with the best six scores counted

all other teams: up to four competitors with the best three scores counted.

4. Individual entry fees:

mens and ladies $10.00

veterans, juniors and mini juniors $5.00

5. Ages for categories

veterans: over 55 on the 1st August, 2002

juniors: under 16 on the 1st August, 2002

mini juniors: under 12 on the 1st August, 2002

Condition of Fish for Weighing:

1. Any fish presented for weighing that are rotten, badly deteriorated or generally in an unfit state shall not be eligible for weighing. Fish must be whole and clean.

2. Fish MUST be presented for weighing in either:

(a) Natural fibre bags, such as hessian or cloth, preferably in an esky with ice OR
(b) Open weave bags such as dive or onion bags, and MUST be in an esky with ice.

Fish that are not presented in accordance with (a) or (b) will be disqualified. Fish presented in plastic film bags (such as chain store or rubbish) or woven plastic or fibreglass bags will be disqualified.

3. Fish that have their necks broken will be pushed back into original shape and must be 1cm longer than the listed minimum size. This also applies to gilled and/or gutted fish.

Bag Limits and Point Scoring:-

1. Catch limits for any particular species must not exceed the Fisheries Department one day limit.

2. The number of fish to be weighed-in by a competitor cannot exceed 8 (eight) of any one species or a total of 50 (fifty).

3. Competition points will be awarded as follows:

1 point per fish

4 points per kilogram

10 points per listed species (see separate Eligible Species List ). Cobbler are excluded for this event, due to their low numbers in these rivers.

Trophies and Prizes:-

1. Trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners up in all individual and team categories

2. Species prizes will be awarded for the heaviest Mulloway, Tailor, Flounder, Whiting, Black Bream, Flathead, Silver Bream, most unusual fish.

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