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2003 State Beach And Rock Angling Championships.

The Australian Anglers Association ran it's annual 2003 State Beach And Rock Angling Championships from Myalup to Halls Head on 29 and 30 March 2003. Weigh in was at the Preston Beach Caravan Park on Sunday.

These championships, like all Association events, catered for families and all age groups by running five different divisions. There are two junior divisions, one for little kids, (mini-juniors up to 12 years), one for bigger kids (juniors, over 12 and under 16 years), plus ladies, men and veterans (over 55 years) divisions. The Association encourages family participation and there are a number of families that participate as a group in it's events.

These championships are a social event with a competitive outlook for club members, and a time when clubs get together and talk fishing. They raise fishing to a higher level with high expectations which can be realised when your team or one of your team members is successful in the competition.

So 34 men, 16 ladies, 21 veterans, 3 juniors and 7 mini Juniors signed on for the event and enjoyed the autumn weather... - up to the time the thunderstorms started.

The fishing area was about 60 km long, from Halls Head to Myalup, and the weather you got depended on where you were - like it often does with thunderstorms.

It was surprising to hear about the severe storms in Perth on Saturday night, but there was no sign of bad weather at the sign on at 11am on Saturday at Preston Beach.

In the Preston Beach area, Saturday afternoon and up to 11 pm were really good conditions weather wise - light winds, just a brief shower but no heavy rain or lightning anywhere near us. The stars were out, there was plenty of distant inland and north east lightning flashs at times, but we couldn't hear any thunder, so all this was a long way off.

There was only one short and small thunderstorm and rain period during the early hours. Sunday was a calm morning with a few rain and lightning cells well out to sea, and just a few drops of rain before it all cleared up. There was some rain in the White Hills area overnight but the Sunday morning was good conditions.

Winds were light and variable for the weekend, except where the thunderstorm cells were, and the seas and swell were light, making for very easy fishing conditions.

Unfortunately, as often happens with calm conditions and changes in the weather, the fish seemed to have gone on holiday. There were plenty of tiddlers, but the usual fish were pretty scarce. Catching and returning undersize herring, tailor and tarwhine kept us moving but didn't add to the bag.

Angelo Perna weighed in a beautiful Mulloway of 16+ kg, George Holman had two nice skippy of 1.65 kg and 1.5 kg, Daniel Bell had a small hammerhead shark of around 4 kg.

We had sunshine during the weigh in and presentation, from 11 am Sunday. Started home from Preston Beach about 1:30 pm Sunday in sunshine, but hit the heavy rain, flooded roads and lightning about 20 km south of Mandurah.

The shovel nosed ray weighed after the AAA weigh in finished was not part of the AAA competition and that species and possibly that particular fish would not have been eligible for weighing in anyway.

Heaviest fish of species caught were:- (Some details and photos still to be added)

SpeciesWeightCaught ByClub
Mulloway16 kg approxAngelo PernaFremantle Amateur Angling Club
Shark4 kg approxDaniel BellWhitfords Sea Sports Club
Skippy1.65 kgGeorge HolmanSurf Casting and Angling Club

Individual winners were:-

MenwinnerAdam Eastman from the Melville Angling Club.
runner upAllan Price from the Bunbury Angling Club.
LadieswinnerJanet Hughes from Bunbury Angling Club.
runner upLisa King from Bunbury Angling Club.
VeteranswinnerDon Batchelor from Northern Districts Club.
runner upRon Matthews from Northern Districts Angling Club.
Juniorswinner Daniel Bell from Whitfords Sea Sports Club.
runner up Nicola Bunce from Fremantle Amateur Angling Club.
Mini JuniorswinnerKatelynne Kinnell from Bunbury Angling Club.
runner upMitchell Bell from Whitfords Sea Sports Club.

All the details of individual results are listed in Full individual results.

Winning teams were:-

MenwinnerBunbury Angling Club (1)445.4 points.
runner upFremantle Amateur Angling Club (1) 243.9 points.
LadieswinnerBunbury Angling Club (1)180.5 points.
runner upSurf Casting and Angling Club93.0 points.
VeteranswinnerSurfcasting & Angling Club108.1 points.
runner upOffshore Angling Club - Beach104.8 points.
Juniorswinner Whitfords Sea Sports Club66.6 points.
runner upFremantle Amateur Angling Club (1)44.1 points.
Mini JuniorswinnerFremantle Amateur Angling Club (1)60.6 points.
runner upBunbury Angling Club (1)34.4 points.

All the details of team results are listed in Full team results.

The Association's events are run at different venues each year, providing variety for the member clubs.

If you have any interest in joining with the AAA on these trips, contact your local club, or contact the Association Secretary and we will have someone contact you with further information. We have many clubs that have different fishing related activities that may be just what you are wanting.

This event was the second major State Championship in the AAA calendar this year. The next event will be the 2003/2004 State Beach and Rock Championships to be held at Port Gregory to Kalbarri on Saturday/ Sunday/ Monday 27/28/29 September 2003, the long weekend.

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