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Sunsmart Mandurah 500 Family Fishing Promotion,
11/12 January 2003.

Rules of the Day.

Printed copies of the "Rules of the Day" will be given to every entrant at the sign on. The details in that printed version will apply if there are any differences.

1. All entrants participating in any promotion organised or arranged or sponsored by the Australian Anglers Association (W A Division) Incorporated do so entirely at their own risk and the Australian Anglers Association (W A Division) Incorporated and / or the organising committee shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage sustained by any entrant or any other person/s to his/her person or effects.

2. Ladies and Juniors may enter into the Open division, but must nominate that division at the time of registration, and are then not eligible for the Ladies or Junior Prizes.

3. Promotion boundaries. The southern boundary is located approximately 10 kilometres south of the Preston Beach turn off. The northern boundary is located at the northern end of the northern car park at Golden Bay. Anglers are permitted to fish in all waters open to recreational angling within the nominated boundaries. This includes all estuarine waters within the boundaries. North and south boundaries shall be marked by flag or sign.

4. This promotion is a 'species' promotion. As such there is no heaviest bag prize in the promotion. Anglers are required to comply with Department of Fisheries WA bag limits current as at the time of the promotion.

5. Entrants are encouraged to use their angling skills to seek to capture a variety of species rather than multiple captures of a single species. The promotion is also a family fishing promotion where all members of the family are encouraged to enter and participate.

6. Junior entrants shall be under sixteen (16) years of age on the day of the promotion. Proof of age may be required in the event of a dispute.

7. The Promotion Committee shall have the power to vary the "Promotion Arrangements" to ensure smooth running of the promotion.

8. The use of any form of boats by participants during the promotion for the purpose of fishing is prohibited.

9. All fish presented for weighing shall exceed the State minimum legal lengths, as determined from time to time by Department of Fisheries and current on the day of promotion.

10. Only fish eligible to be weighed shall be brought to the weigh-in area.

11. Species eligible to be weighed in 2003 are:-

1. Flathead or Flounder 2. Bream or Tarwhine 3. Herring 4. Tailor 5. Mulloway 6. Skippy 7. Shark 8. Whiting

12. Sharks exclude Wobbegong shark, Carpet shark, Cat, Leopard, Port Jackson or White Pointer shark.

13. All fish presented for weighing in shall be within the promotion weigh-in area before the commencement of the official weigh-in. Once the weigh-in commences no bags may be presented unless extenuating circumstances prevail and the Field Day Officer has been advised prior to the commencement of the weigh-in.

14. All fish presented for weighing shall have been caught by the entrant presenting the fish for weigh in.

15. Each angler must hook and land their own fish. An angler may receive assistance in gaffing, gilling or landing which does not entail the assistant handling the rod reel or line.

16. An entrant shall not use more than two (2) rods or handlines (or combination of these) at any one time. Each rod or handline shall not have more than two hooks attached. A gang or flight of hooks shall be considered to be one hook.

17. Entrants may carry additional rods or lines but shall not have more than two lines in the water at any one time.

18. An entrant may use any gauge of line.

19. All fish presented for weighing in must be in a clean, washed and edible condition.

20. No fish presented in a plastic bag shall be accepted for weighing in. All anglers are encouraged to maintain their catch in an edible condition such as by keeping it on ice after capture.

21. Cleaned or gilled and gutted fish may be presented for weighing. No allowance will be made for the loss of weight due to cleaning or gilling and gutting.

22. Any flathead presented for weighing shall have the spikes removed from the gills and head. All removed spikes shall be disposed of in a manner such that they no longer present a threat to other anglers, the public or officials.

23. Entrants are encouraged to release unwanted fish unharmed, returning them to the water

24. Entrants shall not fish outside of the boundary limits. Entrants found fishing outside of the boundaries shall be disqualified.

25. Entrants shall not clean fish or leave fish, offal or bait within the area of the promotion headquarters.

26. In the event of a fish being hooked in or through the mouth by more than one entrant, the weight of that fish shall be shared.

27. The Field Day Officer is in charge of the promotion. The Field Day Officer is empowered to report any entrant who they consider has breached the rules of the promotion to the Disputes Committee for disqualification.

28. There shall be three (3) members of the Disputes Committee. This shall not include the Field Day Officer.

29. The Disputes Committee shall adjudicate upon all disputes brought before it within these rules. The decision of the Disputes Committee shall be final and no discussion or correspondence shall be entered into.

30. Any officer of the Association or Organising Committee shall have the power to inspect all fishing bags or carrying devices during the promotion. Should any entrant obstruct or hinder or refuse to allow inspection of fishing bags or carrying devices they shall be liable to disqualification from the promotion.

31. Details of any disputes or disqualifications shall be reported to the Field Day Officer within ten (10) minutes of the completion of the weigh-in.


33. The names of the nominated species shall be placed in separate individually sealed envelopes in full view of the entrants at the weigh-in.

34. The envelopes shall be placed in a container and drawn at random to be placed on a board in full view of the entrants present at the weigh-in.

35. An entrant shall be asked to select an envelope from the board at random and hand it to the officer conducting the weigh-in. This envelope shall be opened in front of the entrants and the species declared.

36. All participants having captured a fish of that species and wishing to weigh-in shall be asked to present themselves with their capture to the weigh masters. This shall be done in the order of Junior Section entrants, Ladies Section entrants and then Open Section entrants.

37. Entrants may be asked to present their Sign-On forms when weighing-in any fish.

38. Once all entrants have presented that nominated species for weigh-in section winners will be declared and species prizes awarded.

39. One of the winners will be requested to select another envelope from the board and a similar process will be followed.

40. This process shall continue until the last envelope is drawn from the board.

41. The final nominated species will not have a species prize, but will win cash prizes in the various sections.

42. In the event of there being no fish of the nominated species offered for weighing, the species prize or prizes will be held over and will be awarded to holders of entry receipts present at the weigh-in and drawn at random prior to the opening of the last species envelope .

43. The heaviest of the last species remaining on the board will win the major sectional prizes. The major prizes shall be:

Open Division $1,000

Ladies Division $500

Junior Division $500

44. In the event of there being no fish of the nominated species being offered for weighing the prize shall revert to the second heaviest fish of the previous species weighed. In the event of the nominated species being the first species called for weighing the prize will be held over for the second heaviest of the next nominated species.

45. In the event of there being no species offered for weighing in the final species ALL of the previous WINNING species shall be once again placed in envelopes and sealed. The envelopes shall be placed in a barrel and mixed and then one shall be drawn at random by the officer conducting the weigh in or a person nominated by the officer conducting the weigh in. This prize shall be in accordance with Rule 43 above and the heaviest fish of each section shall win the major prize. Prizes won previously for this species shall be retained by the winners.

See the Mandurah 500 Information Sheet for more details of the 2003 event.

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