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2002/2003 State Boat Angling Championships.

The 2003 State Boat Angling Championships were held on Saturday 22 February 2003 and hosted by the Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club at their club house in Hopkins Street, Lancelin. This event was organised by the AAA Boating Sub Committee and was open to any member of a club affiliated with the Australian Anglers Association.

The championships had an attendance of 195 anglers and 71 boats.

The boats were launched off the beach at Lancelin. There was a fair bit of sea weed along the shore, so the big machine was called in to clean the weed off the beach. Several tractors were used to launch and retrieve many of the boats.

After the really good weather on Friday, the Saturday weather started off looking like the typical "you should have been here yesterday" type - some rain during the night and a steady westerly wind with threatening clouds. But the clouds cleared, the wind eased and didn't change much during the fishing time, the swell wasn't too big, and most boats were able to go where they wanted.

The event started at 5.00 am with the sign on at the club house, with the weigh in and presentations in the late afternoon.

There were both team and individual events and these were divided into four divisions:- Open, Ladies, Veterans (over 55 years) and Juniors (12 to 16 years) and so caters for participation by all the family.

The scoring for the championship encouraged people to catch a range of species of fish. Points were awarded based on the number of eligible species weighed plus four points per kilogram of total bag weight. Each entrant was allowed to weigh in only ONE fish of each nominated species. The points for species increased as more species were entered.

Clubs nominated teams in each class prior to the start of Championship. Mens teams could have a maximum of seven people, while Ladies teams, Veterans teams, and Juniors teams could have a maximum of four people.

For Mens team scoring, the best six results were counted, with the seventh result not included in the score. For Ladies, Veterans and Juniors team scoring, the best three results were counted, with the fourth result not included in the score.

The individual and team points from this event go towards an overall individual and club championship over all four divisions run by AAA, Beach & Rock, Boat Angling, Estuary Angling and Dry Casting.

Details, names, weights of fish, clubs represented, team and individual results, can be seen by clicking on the links below.

Individual Winners. Teams Winners. Species Winners and Catches.
Individual Results Men. Individual Results Ladies. Individual Results Veterans.
Individual Results Juniors. Team Results Men. Team Results Ladies.
Team Results Veterans. Team Results Juniors.


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 Peter Barbascas with 11 species.  Peter Barbascas with a 3.6 kg Queen Snapper.  Launching boats from the beach at Lancelin.  Retrieving boats from the beach at Lancelin.  Retrieving boats from the beach at Lancelin.  Clint Murray with a 1.41 kg Skippy.  Daniel Boogard with a 1.5 kg Red Snapper.  Dave Green with a 1 kg Western Foxfish.

 Derek Hull with a 2.92 kg Baldchin.  Ian Stott with a 2.56 kg Skippy.  Individual Champion Peter Babarskas.  Junior prizes.  Junior runner up Brent O'Keefe.  Junior team runners up Daniel Boogard Ashley Bennetts and Laurence Shaw.  Junior Winner Clinton Murray.  Junior team winners Steven Finch, Deanne Dickson, Clinton Murray, Alex Dickson.

 Ladies prizes.  Ladies runner up Jan Eccles.  Ladies Team runners up Vickie Hillary, Jan Eccles, Christine Jones.  Ladies Team winners Dawn Cass, Georgie Grimmett.  Ladies winner Georgie Grimmett.  Mens winner Peter Barbascas.  Mens runner up Darryn Hill.  Mens team runners up Glen Omond, Ian Wilkes, Ron D'Raine, Russell Hillary, John Bell, Darren Lockhart, Glen Wines.  Mens team winners Peter Babarskas, Carl Babarskas, Pat Shinnick, Darryn Hill, Malcolm Wauchope, Lloyd Murray.  Paul Newsome with a 3.3 kg Pink Snapper.  Prizes.  Striped tuna of about 3 kg caught by Ron D'Raine.  Darryl Cass from Alecs Marine presenting a spectacular prize to Ian Wilks, Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club for catching the fish closest to the State Record - a Baldchin Groper of 4.885 kg.  Trophies.  Prizes.  Veterans prizes.  Veterans runner up.  Veterans winner Roland Cane.  Veteran teams winners Gordon Pilgrim, Malcolm Cobb, Neil Lee, Garry Sloan.  Weigh in truck.  Maurie Ramsay WSSC presenting the Club Marine $500 insurance voucher for the Skipper's participation prize to Ian Wilks, Marmion AAC

Overall results were:-

State Boat Open ChampionPeter BabarskasLancelin11 species205.8 points

State Boat Champion ClubLancelin Angling & Aquatic Club

State Boat Mens Individual
ChampionPeter BabarskasLancelin11 species205.8 points
Runner-upDarryn HillLancelin7 species151.4 points
State Boat Ladies Individual
ChampionGeorgie GrimmettWhitfords6 species76.4 points
Runner-upJan EcclesMarmion3 species50.3 points
State Boat Juniors Individual
ChampionClinton MurrayLancelin4 species75.3 points
Runner-upBrent O'KeefeWhitfords4 species46.6 points
State Boat Veterans Individual
ChampionRoland CaneMarmion4 species64.8 points
Runner-upNeil LeeLancelin3 species64.4 points

State Boat Mens Teams
Team ChampionsLancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1) 634.1 points
Runners-upMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club (2)368.6 points
State Boat Ladies Teams
Team ChampionsWhitfords Sea Sports Club (1)102.8 points
Runners-upMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club (1)67.4 points
State Boat Juniors Teams
Team ChampionsLancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)94.3 points
Runners-upQuinns Rocks Fishing Club88.2 points
State Boat Veterans Teams
Team ChampionsLancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)147.5 points
Runners-upMandurah Offshore Fishing Club (2)119.7 points

Species Winners and their catches were:-

SpeciesWeight kgCaught ByClub
King George Whiting0.895 kgMaurie RamsayWSSC
Jewfish15.745 kgFred FitzsimmonsMAAC
Breaksea Cod1.74 kgRichard PlattWSSC
Whiting0.18 kgIan WilkesMAAC
Baldchin Groper4.885 kgIan WilkesMAAC
Herring0.325 kgDerek CobbMAAC
Queen Snapper5.05 kgHenry BoogardQRFC
Snapper3.3 kgPaul NewsomeWSSC
Flathead0.3 kgJeff AshworthMOSFC
Trevally2.56 kgIan StottLAAC

Individual Results Mens
RankNameClub Weight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Peter BabarskasLancelin18.4411205.8
2Darryn HillLancelin20.367151.4
3Fred FitzsimmonsMarmion21.556143.2
4Adam EastmanOSAC Boat10.248125.0
5Carl BabarskasLancelin13.467123.8
6Ian WilkesMarmion14.036113.1
7Ron D'RaineMarmion13.75489.0
8Bill KellonLancelin12.37483.5
9Dale CarterLancelin9.68472.7
10Dave GreenWSSC3.84672.4
11Henry BoogardQuinns Rocks8.95469.8
12Richard PlattWSSC5.86568.4
13Ian EastmanOSAC Boat5.12565.5
14Brad DixonMarmion4.95564.8
15John MarstonCockburn7.48463.9
16Darren LockhartMarmion7.16462.6
17Shaun MurphyMarmion8.92359.7
18Lloyd MurrayLancelin5.21454.9
19Ashley MoonMarmion4.80453.2
20Joel MouritzMandurah7.00352.0
21Bert StrawQuinns Rocks1.48550.9
22Graham NottleMarmion6.51350.0
23Glen OmondMarmion3.97449.9
24Paul NewsomeWSSC3.86449.4
25Terry ShinnickLancelin6.28349.1
26Pat ShinnickLancelin6.26349.1
27Brian CoxCockburn6.00348.0
28Peter LongoOSAC Boat3.46447.8
29Andy CassWSSC5.16344.6
30Terry BellWSSC2.46443.8
31Robert StevensOSAC Boat4.36341.4
32Peter ReadLancelin4.30341.2
33Alan OmondMarmion1.07438.3
34Bill McPhersonHillarys0.93437.7
35John BellMarmion5.60237.4
36Jeff AshworthMandurah0.80437.2
37Ron LangdonWSSC3.14336.6
38Jeffrey MouritzMandurah5.02235.1
39Vincent LongoOSAC Boat2.67334.7
40Ashley WeymouthHillarys4.65233.6
41Larry McIntoshWSSC2.26333.0
42Roy BattsWSSC2.22332.9
43Malcolm WauchopeLancelin2.17332.7
44Rodney FinchLancelin1.70330.8
45Graeme SmithWSSC1.54330.2
46Brent EcclesOSAC Boat3.76230.0
47Matthew MouritzMandurah3.72229.9
48Adrian VermeerQuinns Rocks1.22328.9
49Brian MansonLancelin1.14328.6
50John McKennaLancelin3.21227.8
51Andrew DonkinMandurah0.64326.6
52Robert JonesMarmion1.47220.9
53Bob PennellLancelin2.86118.5
54Hugh SecombCockburn2.82118.3
55Geoffrey BradfieldMandurah2.80118.2
56Murk SchoenQuinns Rocks0.61217.4
57Robert GillespieWSSC0.50217.0
58Phillip DayLancelin2.40116.6
59Glen WinesMarmion0.40216.6
60Rob RoddaMarmion0.34216.4
61Peter EvansMarmion0.34216.3
62Jamie StrawQuinns Rocks0.31216.2
63Gary BrownMandurah0.30216.2
64Peter GreenMandurah0.22215.9
65Richard LeeQuinns Rocks1.52113.1
66David HyamMarmion0.93110.7
67Graeme ColmerMandurah0.82110.3
68Desmond KellyCockburn0.78110.1
69Chris GastonWSSC0.2217.9
70Russell HillaryMarmion0.1617.6
71Stuart WilsonMandurah0.1217.5

Individual Results Ladies
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Georgie GrimmettWSSC4.86676.4
2Jan EcclesMarmion6.58350.3
3Petra PearsonHillarys1.92331.7
4Dawn CassWSSC2.84226.4
5Kylie HonorMandurah0.46325.8
6June PennellLancelin2.36116.4
7Kath ColmerMandurah0.5819.3
8Christine JonesMarmion0.5719.3
9Vickie HillaryMarmion0.2017.8
10Kerry BradfieldMandurah0.1217.5

Individual Results Veterans
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Roland CaneMarmion7.70464.8
2Neil LeeLancelin10.10364.4
3John HoganMandurah9.42361.7
4Charles HoathHillarys9.39361.6
5Frank ParkerMarmion6.37459.5
6James McIntoshMandurah8.50358.0
7Maurie RamsayWSSC5.66456.6
8Garry SloanLancelin7.53354.1
9John LeeLancelin7.11352.4
10Adrian BoogardMarmion7.64245.6
11Jack MariottiOSAC Boat6.32240.3
12David SachCockburn4.98234.9
13Ken MatthewsMarmion1.82331.3
14Derek HullLancelin3.65229.6
15Malcolm CobbLancelin5.49129.0
16Les ThistletonLancelin0.91327.6
17Geoff HarperLancelin3.13227.5
18Ian StottLancelin3.13227.5
19Gordon PilgrimLancelin0.76327.0
20Dave GreenwayHillarys2.99227.0
21Bob PendleburyMarmion2.82226.3
22Frank PierucciHillarys0.53326.1
23R.V. HowellCockburn1.64221.6
24Brian GreenMarmion1.05219.2
25Murray WestlundHillarys1.01219.0
26Phil ZucchettiLancelin2.93118.7
27Barry BramblesMarmion2.39116.6
28John GowdieMarmion0.28216.1
29John MeyerQuinns Rocks1.94114.7
30Des BlackwellQuinns Rocks1.47112.9
31Eric CouzensQuinns Rocks1.22111.9
32Les GilliesMarmion0.7019.8
33Mick CantwellQuinns Rocks0.2317.9
34Peter KeysMarmion0.1517.6
35Douglas WauchopeLancelin0.0717.3

Individual Results Juniors
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Clinton MurrayLancelin10.33475.3
2Brent O'KeefeWSSC3.16446.6
3Daniel BoogardQuinns Rocks4.44341.7
4Luke SachCockburn6.08239.3
5Daniel BellWSSC0.98327.9
6Laurence ShawQuinns Rocks0.39325.5
7Aaron ElariLancelin4.38124.5
8Ashley BennettsQuinns Rocks1.49220.9
9Steven FinchLancelin1.01219.0
10Kie AshworthMandurah0.38216.5
11Bradley GreenMandurah0.29216.1
12Liam HillaryMarmion0.24216.0
13Derek CobbMarmion0.3318.3
14Braden GillespieWSSC0.3018.2

Mens Teams Results

Rank 1 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Peter Babarskas18.4411205.8
Darryn Hill20.367151.4
Carl Babarskas13.467123.8
Pat Shinnick6.26349.1
Terry Shinnick6.28349.1
Malcolm Wauchope2.17332.7
Lloyd Murray5.21454.9
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) :634.1

Rank 2 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Glen Omond3.97449.9
Ian Wilkes14.036113.1
Ron D'Raine13.75489.0
Russell Hillary0.1617.6
John Bell5.60237.4
Darren Lockhart7.16462.6
Glen Wines0.40216.6
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 368.6

Rank 3 Offshore Angling Club - Boat
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Adam Eastman10.248125.0
Ian Eastman5.12565.5
Robert Stevens4.36341.4
Brent Eccles3.76230.0
Peter Longo3.46447.8
Vincent Longo2.67334.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 344.4

Rank 4 Whitfords Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Terry Bell2.46443.8
Robert Gillespie0.50217.0
Richard Platt5.86568.4
Paul Newsome3.86449.4
Greg O'Keefe0.0
Chris Gaston0.2217.9
Larry McIntosh2.26333.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 219.6

Rank 5 Whitfords Sea Sports Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Andy Cass5.16344.6
Ron Langdon3.14336.6
Scott Gaucci0.0
Graeme Smith1.54330.2
Roy Batts2.22332.9
Dave Green3.84672.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 216.6

Rank 6 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Alan Omond1.07438.3
Robert Jones1.47220.9
Graham Nottle6.51350.0
Brian Green1.05219.2
Brad Dixon4.95564.8
Barry Brambles2.39116.6
David Hyam0.93110.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 209.7

Rank 7 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Wayne Bennetts0.0
Henry Boogard8.95469.8
Nicholas Shaw0.0
Richard Lee1.52113.1
Jamie Straw0.31216.2
Bert Straw1.48550.9
Adrian Vermeer1.22328.9
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 178.8

Rank 8 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Andrew Donkin0.64326.6
Joel Mouritz7.00352.0
Matthew Mouritz3.72229.9
Jeffrey Mouritz5.02235.1
Gary Brown0.30216.2
Stuart Wilson0.1217.5
Mick Reynolds0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 167.2

Rank 9 Cockburn Power Boat Association (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
R.V. Howell1.64221.6
John Marston7.48463.9
Brian Cox6.00348.0
Hugh Secomb2.82118.3
Desmond Kelly0.78110.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 161.9

Rank 10 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Peter Francis0.0
Terry Edwards0.0
Jeff Ashworth0.80437.2
Graeme Colmer0.82110.3
Peter Green0.22215.9
Geoffrey Bradfield2.80118.2
Craig Gearson0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 81.6

Rank 11 Hillarys Yacht Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Michael O'Kane0.0
Bill McPherson0.93437.7
Graham Weymouth0.0
Ashley Weymouth4.65233.6
Eric Lay0.0
Jack Snoeren0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 71.3

Rank 12 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Ian Dickson0.0
Bob Pennell2.86118.5
Matthew Martinovich0.0
Troy Elari0.0
Gary Martinovich0.0
John McKenna3.21227.8
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 46.3

Rank 13 Hillarys Yacht Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Graeme Pearson0.0
Ian McCall0.0
Peter Skeels0.0
Frank Antulov0.0
Paul Frzop0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 0

Ladies Teams Results

Rank 1 Whitfords Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Georgie Grimmett4.86676.4
Dawn Cass2.84226.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) :102.8

Rank 2 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (1
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Vickie Hillary0.2017.8
Jan Eccles6.58350.3
Christine Jones0.5719.3
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 67.4

Rank 3 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Kath Colmer0.5819.3
Kerry Bradfield0.1217.5
Kylie Honor0.46325.8
Veronica Edwards0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 42.6

Rank 4 Hillarys Yacht Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Petra Pearson1.92331.7
Bridie McCall0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 31.7

Rank 5 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
June Pennell2.36116.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 16.4

Veterans Teams Results

Rank 1 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Gordon Pilgrim0.76327.0
Malcolm Cobb5.49129.0
Neil Lee10.10364.4
Garry Sloan7.53354.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 147.5

Rank 2 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
James McIntosh8.50358.0
John Hogan9.42361.7
Geoff Reynolds0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) :119.7

Rank 3 Hillarys Yacht Club (1)
Murray Westlund1.01219.0
Dave Greenway2.99227.0
Charles Hoath9.39361.6
Frank Pierucci0.53326.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 114.7

Rank 4 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (2)
Les Thistleton0.91327.6
John Lee7.11352.4
Geoff Harper3.13227.5
Ian Stott3.13227.5
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 107.6

Rank 5 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
Ken Matthews1.82331.3
Noel Williams0.0
Bob Pendlebury2.82226.3
Adrian Boogard7.64245.6
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 103.1

Rank 6 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (2)
Les Gillies0.7019.8
Peter Keys0.1517.6
Tony Holton0.0
Roland Cane7.70464.8
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 82.2

Rank 7 Whitfords Sea Sports Club (1)
Maurie Ramsay5.66456.6
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 56.6

Rank 8 Offshore Angling Club - Boat
Jack Mariotti6.32240.3
Masao Mochizuki0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 40.3

Rank 9 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club
John Meyer1.94114.7
Eric Couzens1.22111.9
Des Blackwell1.47112.9
Derek Smith0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 39.5

Rank 10 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (1)
Des McLean0.0
John Beck0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) :0.0

Juniors Teams Results

Rank 1 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Clinton Murray10.33475.3
Deanne Dickson0.0
Alex Dickson0.0
Steven Finch1.01219.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 94.3

Rank 2 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Ashley Bennetts1.49220.9
Daniel Boogard4.44341.7
Laurence Shaw0.39325.5
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 88.2

Rank 3 Whitfords Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Daniel Bell0.98327.9
Brent O'Keefe3.16446.6
Braden Gillespie0.3018.2
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 82.8

Rank 4 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Bradley Green0.29216.1
Kie Ashworth0.38216.5
Rhyss Edwards0.0
James Jackman0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) : 32.7

Rank 5 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Liam Hillary0.24216.0
Michael Rodda0.0
Amanda Jones0.0
Derek Cobb0.3318.3
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) :24.3

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