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2006 AAA State Boat Angling Championships sponsored by All Boats and Caravans

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2005/2006 State Boat Angling Championships.

The 2005/6 State Boat Angling Championships were held on Saturday 4 March 2006 at Jurien Bay. This event was organised by the AAA Boating Sub Committee and was open to any member of a club affiliated with the Australian Anglers Association.

Mr Bower from the Shire was contacted verbally by me, and he assisted with contacts in the area, for this I am appreciative.

Mr Andrew Quinn from the Jurien Recreation Centre (also the local butcher) assisted with the coordination and other contacts, the event would not have been as successful if the trust had not been gained through Andrew, and once again this was great.

The Jurien Bay Fishing Club discussed their and our needs and with little persuasion, they assisted as indicated, for the day, to the benefit of all, I'm sure all would agree.

The competition was run with a perfect fishing day as far as the weather goes.

The Jurien Bay fishing club provided the heart starters for the day, by having tea and coffee with a sausage sizzle at the boat ramp, and those that had either thick heads from "preparing" for the day and having pre-comp drinks the night before certainly welcomed the food.

The forecast of 15 to 20 knot NE winds came in at the start of the comp and assisted those who fish for the smaller species, to pull up close to shore and catch a number of herring and whiting, although all fairly small and all bar the one of each specie were released.

At around 7.30am to 8.30am most boats ventured out into the deeper water and started catching other targeted fish. The surge on the bottom of the ocean made for hard fishing in close and those that persevered only came up with a few fish that must have been hungry.

After about an hour of fishing in depths from 28m to 40 metres, most boats headed out deep in waters from 50m to 230m (a flathead was caught in this depth by Georgie Grimmit from the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club).

A few good fish were caught in deeper water, but as indicated it was difficult work, at about 11.00am the weather became calm and boats zipped around to all their favourite spots catching a varied range of species. At the closing time for the Bags (3.30pm) most boats had either got their boats on their trailers or were waiting to.

The fisheries officers were offered and took the opportunity to inspect the fish, of course it was a little difficult as most competitors had already zip tied their bags, but after consultation with the "gents" they came to the weigh in and had a look, and I do believe they were pleased, with the "professional" manner in which all AAA Members presented themselves. As you know we do self regulate our competitions and ensure that ALL participants comply with the AAA Code of Conduct.

The weigh in was held at the Community Rec centre in Jurien and we delayed the weigh in, as the local footy team and Pirates footy team from Lancelin were having their annual Kezza remembrance day game, what a thriller and all enjoyed the game, Lancelin Pirates won, (I'm a Lano boy and don't you think I stirred them up).

The weigh in commenced at 5.00pm, on the back of a Pan Deck truck, supplied by Jurien Cartage. The MC for the weigh in was Glen Omond from the MAAC and provided a running commentary, with a great deal of good humour and light hearted banter.

The weigh in went well with a good band of volunteers; again we would be lost without those assisting on the day, you little juniors for running the score cards thank you, we need you guys to get up there and give us "oldies" a run for our money at these comps.

The local footy teams provided refreshments and an evening meal for all, and the delay of the weigh in assisted everyone to take their boats back to their quarters a bit of a clean up, and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. I think we drank and ate them out of town; it was good for all the community.

John O'Brien, Ray Pillage (Non AAA Members but always there to help me) and Doreen Jones (Bob Jones the Field Day Officer's wife), set up the presentation area, it was excellent. The presentation was MC'd by our effervescent ORSSC member in Terry Bell, and with the banter as always between "rival" clubs, made for an excellent evening.

Club Marine Skippers Participation prize of the $500 Boat Insurance Voucher was won by Christon Apostoles from MAAC

Early Nomination Draw Winner was won by Rolly Buegge Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (ORSSC)

Junior Nomination prize was won by Daniel Boogaard QRFC

A special prize was presented to Terry Bell for catching a Whiting that was very close to the State Record, this was one of the major prizes of the event in a sounder valued at $1200.00 donated by All Boats and Caravans.

Catch Card winner Julianna, Natalie and Andrew Donkin, this prize was from the fisheries research team and they provided 2 x $50 vouchers from Bluewater Tackle, so they will get both of them as it was a family affair, no one else presented their card on the day, I think most of us were a little preoccupied, and I do apologise to the Research team for the lack of responses.

I thank all those that assisted me on and before the day; I am in admiration of their support of me.

Pat Shinnick, Chairperson of the AAA Boating Sub Committee


There were both team and individual events and these were divided into four divisions:- Open, Ladies, Veterans (over 55 years) and Juniors (12 to 16 years) and so caters for participation by all the family.

The scoring for the championship encouraged people to catch a range of species of fish. Points were awarded based on the number of eligible species weighed plus four points per kilogram of total bag weight. Each entrant was allowed to weigh in only ONE fish of each nominated species. The points for species increased as more species were entered.

Clubs nominated teams in each class prior to the start of Championship. Mens teams could have a maximum of seven people, while Ladies teams, Veterans teams, and Juniors teams could have a maximum of four people.

For Mens team scoring, the best six results were counted, with the seventh result not included in the score. For Ladies, Veterans and Juniors team scoring, the best three results were counted, with the fourth result not included in the score.

The individual and team points from this event go towards an overall individual and club championship over all four divisions run by AAA, Beach & Rock, Boat Angling, Estuary Angling and Dry Casting.

Details, names, weights of fish, clubs represented, team and individual results, can be seen by clicking on the links below.

Individual Winners. Teams Winners. Species Winners and Catches.
Individual Results Men. Individual Results Ladies. Individual Results Veterans.
Individual Results Juniors. Team Results Men. Team Results Ladies.
Team Results Veterans. Team Results Juniors.  

Overall results were:-
State Boat Open Champion Adam EastmanOSAC Boat9 species 211.5 points

State Boat Champion ClubMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club
Runner up State Boat Champion ClubOcean Reef Sea Sports Club

State Boat Mens Individual
Champion Adam EastmanOSAC Boat9 species 211.5 points
Runner-upJason Stevens Rockingham6 species205.3 points

State Boat Ladies Individual
ChampionKristy HillaryMarmion6 species130.7 points
Runner-upNoeleen WeymouthHillarys5 species95.5 points

State Boat Juniors Individual
ChampionSteve MiddletonMarmion6 species117.7 points
Runner-upJames OmondMarmion4 species97.0 points

State Boat Veterans Individual
ChampionGraham NottleMarmion6 species123.1 points
Runner-upLen DerrickOSAC Boat6 species98.2 points

State Boat Mens Teams
Team ChampionsMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club943.3 points
Runners-upRockingham Offshore Angling Club 692.3 points
State Boat Ladies Teams
Team ChampionsMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club 227.4 points
Runners-upMarmion Angling & Aquatic Club169.4 points
State Boat Juniors Teams
Team ChampionsMarmion Angling and Aquatic Club 187.7 points
Runners-upOcean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)156.6 points
State Boat Veterans Teams
Team ChampionsMarmion Angling & Aquatic 278.4 points
Runners-upOcean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)201.2 points

Species Winners and their catches were:-

SpeciesWeightCaught ByClubState Record% of State Record
Baldchin Groper3.918 Basil ChristianoMAAC7.300 53.67%
Breaksea Cod1.820 Steve MiddletonMAAC3.000 60.67%
Flathead0.454 Georgie GrimmitORSSC3.975 11.42%
Herring0.205 Graham NottleMAAC0.638 32.13%
Jewfish15.620 Glenn HillaryMAAC25.854 60.42%
Snapper7.720 Bob PendleburyMAAC16.150 47.80%
Queen Snapper5.780 Henry BoogaardQRFC11.360 50.88%
Whiting0.291 Terry BellORSSC0.385 75.58%
King George Whiting0.000 1.856 0.00%
Trevally0.806 Georgie GrimmitORSSC8.290 9.72%

Individual Results Mens
RankNameClub Weight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Adam EastmanOSAC Boat28.129211.5
2Jason StevensRockingham37.086205.3
3Alan OmondMarmion33.647204.6
4Glen HillaryMarmion28.687184.7
5Mike KaneMarmion24.748183.0
6Arthur StevensRockingham31.336182.3
7Ian WilkesMarmion24.288181.1
8Peter LongoOSAC Boat21.268169.0
9Dave GreenORSSC15.929162.7
10Murray SteeleRockingham20.596139.4
11Mick LockORSSC19.906136.6
12Greg O'KeefeORSSC8.188116.7
13Geoff KirkMarmion14.866116.4
14Terry BellORSSC9.727108.9
15Simon SoutmenRockingham18.284107.1
16David L MundyCockburn17.294103.1
17Roy LukiesMarmion14.265102.0
18Paul NewsomeORSSC13.945100.8
19Gavin CastiglioniMarmion16.28499.1
20Daniel BellORSSC5.06790.2
21Andrew DonkinMandurah13.88489.5
22Henry BoogaardQuinns Rocks10.43586.7
23Russell HillaryMarmion12.48483.9
24David JenkinsMarmion9.24582.0
25Vince LongoOSAC Boat9.19581.7
26Phil CrannageMarmion9.02581.1
27Glenn OmondMarmion11.42479.7
28Darren LockhartMarmion13.60378.4
29Shaun MurphyMarmion8.10577.4
30Paul HillaryMarmion12.38373.5
31Shane TurnerLancelin9.61472.4
32Basil CristianoMarmion9.04470.2
33Robert JonesMarmion11.20368.8
34Gary BellORSSC5.86568.4
35Rob GillespieORSSC8.28467.1
36Brent EcclesOSAC Boat9.86363.4
37Paul LongoOSAC Boat7.04462.1
38Peter JenkinsMarmion8.14356.6
39Peter JonesMarmion9.88254.5
40Ian EastmanOSAC Boat4.82453.3
41Dave B MundyCockburn6.99351.9
42Grant ChittyORSSC6.90351.6
43Rolly BueggeORSSC3.76449.0
44Pat ShinnickLancelin7.94246.8
45Steve JenkinsMarmion5.48345.9
46Daniel RalstonORSSC2.64444.6
47Glen WinesMarmion4.86343.4
48Andy CassORSSC1.92441.7
49Phil MiddletonMarmion4.22340.9
50Chris GastonORSSC1.38439.5
51Joe GauciORSSC3.36337.4
52Christen ApostlesMarmion2.90335.6
53Scott MedlingRockingham2.61334.4
54Peter BarbaskasLancelin2.29333.1
55Graham WeymouthHillarys4.26232.0
56Francis McKeownORSSC1.90331.6
57Mike NesbittMarmion5.86130.4
58Kevin MaloneORSSC3.60229.4
59Brad DixonMarmion3.40228.6
60Craig GriersonMandurah3.24227.9
61Craig RobertsonMarmion0.96327.8
62Gary ThompsonORSSC0.70326.8
63John MathewsMarmion4.94126.8
64Roly HoldenRockingham2.19223.7
65Max CurryMandurah1.49220.9
66Graeme SmithORSSC0.78218.1
67Pat SynanLancelin1.39112.5
68Peter BarnettMarmion1.28112.1
69Darryn HillLancelin0.6819.7

Individual Results Ladies
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Kristy HillaryMarmion18.426130.7
2Noeleen WeymouthHillarys12.62595.5
3Elainie HillaryMarmion11.46479.8
4Alara HillaryMarmion10.18364.7
5Natalie DonkinMandurah8.07356.3
6Vicky HillaryMarmion10.10255.4
7Rose BueggeORSSC4.70342.8
8Dawn CassORSSC0.62436.5
9Kerry LukiesMarmion6.80134.2
10Tess ApostlesMarmion2.00332.0
11Lynn MaloneORSSC1.98222.9
12Georgie GrimmettORSSC1.30220.2
13Trish MeyerQuinns Rocks0.39216.5
14Angela WhiteLancelin1.37112.5
15Tess BryantORSSC0.1017.4

Individual Results Veterans
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Graham NottleMarmion16.526123.1
2Len DerrickOSAC Boat10.30698.2
3Bob PendleburyMarmion14.08490.3
4Alan LangdonORSSC14.08490.3
5Ron LangdonORSSC14.02380.1
6Peter EvansMarmion5.14565.6
7Colin GreenMarmion12.50265.0
8Sheila LangdonORSSC9.26361.0
9Errol MinusORSSC11.09259.4
10Barry BramblesMarmion10.26256.0
11David SachCockburn7.37353.5
12Neil LeeLancelin3.38447.5
13John GowdieMarmion2.54444.2
14Ken JacksonMarmion1.40439.6
15Ashley WeymouthHillarys4.70233.8
16Maurie RamsayORSSC3.96230.8
17Phil MichaelsMarmion3.90230.6
18Les GilliesMarmion3.28228.1
19Bob CraigieMarmion0.62326.5
20Rob RoddaMarmion2.66225.6
21Eric CouzensQuinns Rocks0.43216.7
22Bob WarnerMarmion2.08115.3
23Aub JonesMarmion1.74114.0
24Steve AlbertiMarmion1.56113.2
25Adrian BoogaardMarmion1.42112.7
26Ray BruceORSSC1.12111.5

Individual Results Juniors
RankNameClubWeight kgSpeciesTotal Points
1Steve MiddletonMarmion15.186117.7
2James OmondMarmion15.74497.0
3Kane O'KeefeORSSC4.92676.7
4Jacob GriersonMandurah8.98469.9
5Brent O'KeefeORSSC5.98568.9
6Luke SachCockburn7.39463.5
7Mitchell BellORSSC3.02557.1
8Nikki LukiesMarmion10.00147.0
9Jason CallejaMarmion7.18243.7
10Tyla GillespieORSSC1.66330.6
11Stephanie LukiesMarmion5.54129.2
12Daniel BoogardMarmion2.74226.0
13Braden GillespieORSSC1.11219.4

Mens Teams Results

Rank 1 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Glen Hillary28.687184.7
Paul Hillary12.38373.5
Robert Jones11.20368.8
Mike Kane24.748183.0
Geoff Kirk14.866116.4
Alan Omond33.647204.6
Ian Wilkes24.288181.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 943.3

Rank 2 Rockingham Offshore Angling Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Jason Stevens37.086205.3
Arthur Stevens31.336182.3
Roly Holden2.19223.7
Scott Medling2.61334.4
Simon Soutmen18.284107.1
Murray Steele20.596139.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 692.3

Rank 3 Offshore Angling Club - Boat
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Ian Eastman4.82453.3
Adam Eastman28.129211.5
Len Derrick10.30698.2
Brent Eccles9.86363.4
Peter Longo21.268169.0
Jack Marriotti0.0
Vince Longo9.19581.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 677.1

Rank 4 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (3)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Greg O'Keefe8.188116.7
Chris Gaston1.38439.5
Paul Newsome13.945100.8
Kevin Malone3.60229.4
Mick Lock19.906136.6
Dave Green15.929162.7
Gary Thompson0.70326.8
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 585.7

Rank 5 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Brad Dixon3.40228.6
Russell Hillary12.48483.9
Peter Jones9.88254.5
Darren Lockhart13.60378.4
John Mathews4.94126.8
Glenn Omond11.42479.7
Roy Lukies14.265102.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 427.2

Rank 6 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Terry Bell9.727108.9
Gary Bell5.86568.4
Daniel Bell5.06790.2
Andy Cass1.92441.7
Rolly Buegge3.76449.0
Rob Gillespie8.28467.1
Joe Gauci3.36337.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 425.4

Rank 7 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Peter Barnett1.28112.1
Gavin Castiglioni16.28499.1
Basil Cristiano9.04470.2
Peter Jenkins8.14356.6
Mike Nesbitt5.86130.4
Shaun Murphy8.10577.4
Glen Wines4.86343.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 377.1

Rank 8 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Christen Apostles2.90335.6
Steve Jenkins5.48345.9
David Jenkins9.24582.0
Phil Middleton4.22340.9
Phil Pollard0.0
Craig Robertson0.96327.8
Jed Woodcock0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 232.2

Rank 9 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Peter Barbaskas2.29333.1
Darryn Hill0.6819.7
Shane Turner9.61472.4
Pat Shinnick7.94246.8
Neil Lee3.38447.5
Peter Reid0.0
Pat Synan1.39112.5
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 222.1

Rank 10 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Francis McKeown1.90331.6
Grant Chitty6.90351.6
Richard Bryant0.0
Mark Davis0.0
Graeme Smith0.78218.1
Daniel Ralston2.64444.6
Max Taylor0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 145.9

Rank 11 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Craig Grierson3.24227.9
Andrew Donkin13.88489.5
Barry Gabrielson0.0
Peter Dwyer0.0
Max Curry1.49220.9
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 138.4

Rank 12 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Henry Boogaard10.43586.7
Kevin Moss0.0
Richard Lee0.0
Dave Willmott0.0
Jack Berryman0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 86.7

Rank 13 Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Paul Longo7.04462.1
Shaun Withers0.0
Wade Knott0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 62.1

Rank 14 Cockburn Power Boat Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Dave B Mundy6.99351.9
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 51.9

Veterans Teams Results

Rank 1 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Colin Green12.50265.0
Graham Nottle16.526123.1
Bob Pendlebury14.08490.3
Rob Rodda2.66225.6
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 278.4

Rank 2 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Ron Langdon14.02380.1
Maurie Ramsay3.96230.8
Ray Bruce1.12111.5
Alan Langdon14.08490.3
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 201.2

Rank 3 Cockburn Power Boat Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
David Sach7.37353.5
David L Mundy17.294103.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 156.6

Rank 4 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Bob Craigie0.62326.5
Peter Evans5.14565.6
Phil Michaels3.90230.6
Les Gillies3.28228.1
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 124.3

Rank 5 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Barry Brambles10.26256.0
Aub Jones1.74114.0
John Gowdie2.54444.2
Adrian Boogaard1.42112.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 114.2

Rank 6 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Ken Jackson1.40439.6
James Pavell0.0
Steve Alberti1.56113.2
Bob Warner2.08115.3
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 68.2

Rank 7 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Dave Williams0.0
Errol Minus11.09259.4
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 59.4

Rank 8 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
John Meyer0.0
Eric Couzens0.43216.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 16.7

Ladies Teams Results

Rank 1 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Tess Apostles2.00332.0
Kristy Hillary18.426130.7
Alara Hillary10.18364.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 227.4

Rank 2 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Kerry Lukies6.80134.2
Vicky Hillary10.10255.4
Elainie Hillary11.46479.8
Jan Eccles0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 169.4

Rank 3 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Sheila Langdon9.26361.0
Dawn Cass0.62436.5
Rose Buegge4.70342.8
Georgie Grimmett1.30220.2
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 140.3

Rank 4 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Natalie Donkin8.07356.3
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 56.3

Rank 5 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (2)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Tess Bryant0.1017.4
Lynn Malone1.98222.9
Gerry Taylor0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 30.3

Rank 6 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Trish Meyer0.39216.5
Vivian Moss0.0
Sharon Berryman0.0
Tanya Willmott0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 16.5

Rank 7 Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Angela White1.37112.5
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 12.5

Juniors Teams Results

Rank 1 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Nikki Lukies10.00147.0
James Omond15.74497.0
Daniel Boogard2.74226.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 187.7

Rank 2 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Mitchell Bell3.02557.1
Luke Davis0.0
Brent O'Keefe5.98568.9
Tyla Gillespie1.66330.6
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 156.6

Rank 3 Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Stephanie Lukies5.54129.2
Steve Middleton15.186117.7
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 146.9

Rank 4 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (2))
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Braden Gillespie1.11219.4
Kane O'Keefe4.92676.7
Daniel Cass0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 96.1

Rank 5 Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Jacob Grierson8.98469.9
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 69.9

Rank 6 Cockburn Power Boat Club
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Luke Sach7.39463.5
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 63.5

Rank 7 Quinns Rocks Fishing Club (1)
NameWeight kgSpeciesPoints
Dylan Moss0.0
Victoria Berryman0.0
Jaysea Willmott0.0
Josie Moss0.0
Total Points (Lowest Score Eliminated) 0.0
Details about the event and its rules, etc are in the 2006/7 State Boating Angling Championships Booklet (45 kilobyte PDF file).

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