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2007 AAA State Boat Angling Championships major sponsors Club Marine

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2007 AAA State Boat Angling Championships sponsored by All Boats and Caravans

Australian Anglers Association, (WA Division) Inc.

2007/2008 State Boat Angling Championships.

Location : Lancelin
Headquarters : Lancelin
Hosted by : Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club
Date : 23 February 2008

Full details of the event are in the 2007-2008 State Boat Angling Championships Booklet (2,700 kilobyte PDF file)

Report on the annual AAA State Boat Championships run on Saturday the 23rd February 2008, sponsored by Club Marine and All Boats and Caravans

The competition was run with blustery Easterly Winds that looked good from the shore but, made for a difficult day in the water with sharp waves, which had to be negotiated to get back for the end of day "festivities".

The Lancelin Primary School P&C provided the heart starters for the day, by having tea and coffee with Bacon and Egg burgers at the Lancelin Angling Clubrooms, including rolls for the lunches whilst out fishing, and those that had either thick heads from "preparing" for the day and having pre-comp drinks the night before certainly welcomed the food, this certainly was appreciated also by the school knowing that the Lancelin club "shared" the revenue around the town.

The wonderful band of Lancelin people came out in a brilliant display of community spirit in assisting all boats and anglers in and out of the water, its amazing the way this was done, most of them were themselves fishos and did not fish on the day just to ensure the event went smoothly, knowing that a lot of the "out of towners" had rarely launched of the beach before, it made us feel extremely proud knowing they were all there for the Lancelin Club.

The forecast of 15 to 20 knot Easterly winds came in at the start of the comp and assisted those who fish for the smaller species, to pull up close to shore and catch a number of herring and whiting, although all fairly small and all bar the one of each specie were released.

At around 8.30am to 9.30am most boats ventured out into the deeper water and started catching other targeted fish.

The Easterly created an uncomfortable fishing platform and we all had to work hard for the fish that was caught.

The Radio was relatively quiet which normally indicates that the fishing was slow.

A few good fish were caught in deeper water, but as indicated it was difficult work, at about 12 noon most of the boats zipped around to all their favourite spots catching a varied range of species.

Whilst competitors were "out there" in their favourite spots, Mark Stone, John and Robby Corlett from Lancelin Club with Carmel Langdon from ORSSC, set up the presentation and the weigh in area and it looked magnificent, the juniors had their mouths open in awe at the tackle packs.

There was a multitude of people from the Lancelin club that did not fish and prepared the "refreshment" areas, much to the appreciation of all competitors, cheers to the "Dunstan" clan.

At the closing time for the Bags (4.30pm) most boats had either got their boats on their trailers or were waiting to, and the Field Day Officer Roland Cane and his wife Irene, ensured that the door was shut at exactly 1630hrs, and continued taking in the skippers safety discs, this was to ensure that all were safely back on land.

The weigh in was held at the Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club.

The weigh in commenced at 5.30pm, in the car park area at the club, in a Pan deck trailer provided for by Lazzas Hiab and Tilt tray services, a bit of rearranging was done to the truck for the comfort of the weigh in people, prior to the start but ended up providing an even better spectacle, great venue and all were able to see the weighing in of the different species.

The MC for the weigh in was Glen Omond and provided a running commentary, with a great deal of good humour and light hearted banter.

The weigh in went well with a good band of volunteers; again we would be lost without those assisting on the day, you little juniors for running the score cards thank you, we need you guys to get up there and give us "oldies" a run for our money at these comps.

The LAAC provided refreshments and an evening meal for all, I'm sure all that had partaken in the meals and refreshments enjoyed the evening

The presentation was MC'd by our effervescent ORSSC member in Terry Bell, and with the banter as always between "rival" clubs, made for an excellent evening.

Attached are the results of the first 3 in each event, a comprehensive report was sent to all participating clubs.


Individual Results

Mens Team Results

Veterans Team Results

Ladies Team Results

Juniors Team Results

Heaviest of Species

Full details of the event were in the 2007-2008 State Boat Angling Championships Booklet (2,700 kilobyte PDF file)

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