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Our fishing club, the Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club was incorporated in 1980 and has fished on a monthly basis without any major incidents in that time.

The club has embraced high safety standards that have been built around radio contact with other boats and a signing in system, so that members always look after each other on the water.

The club has always operated as a family club and social events are organised from time to time. Club meetings are held the Wednesday before the field day, these are currently being held at the Willeton Sportsman Club.

Each year a calendar is set to determine field day dates and locations, these could be from Dawesville to Dongara usually on the first Sunday of every month. For locations like Jurien, Cervantes, Greenhead & Dongara are usually schedule for long week ends.

There is an annual subscription which is kept to minimum to cover running costs of the club, at the end of the year there is a Wind up / Trophy presentation night where great prizes are awarded.

If you have an interest in joining our club please contact any of the following people.

President Robert Kelly9335 2902
Vice PresidentJohn Szczyglak    9459 0799
Secretary/TreasurerGlen Cumming9399 4132
Allsports TackleJohn Appleby9337 5682

or by post at:

Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club
15 Woodcroft Place
Armadale 6112
Telephone 9399 4132

Links to more information about the Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club:-

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Drifters Fishing Rules ,

Drifters Club Species Records ,

Latest Drifters Field Day report ,

Drifters Club Photos

Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club Rules.

1. Boats must team up and fish in a minimum of PAIRS and remain in contact with each other throughout the competition. NOTE: - This arrangement should be made between skippers before leaving the launch area.

2. Boats should be equipped with an efficient marine CB radio with a fixed aerial - any boat not having a radio or with a radio not working MUST maintain visual contact with his fishing partner.

3. The Field Day Officer will hold a briefing prior to the commencement of the field day - this may be given on the beach or over the radio - all skippers must attend or tune into this briefing.

4. A "lines up" time will be decided at the briefing. However this time may be brought forward or put back during the day according to the Field Days Officer's discretion. (weather etc)

5. At the "lines up" time, lines must be immediately retrieved and boats return to weigh in area. If a fish is being retrieved at "lines up" time it will be allowed to be weighed.

6. Any skipper deciding to return early must advise the Field day Officer or another skipper of his/her intentions.

7. A radio check will be conducted by the Field Day Officer as soon as boats have cleared the launch area. Any boat failing to respond must checked out by his partner and details relayed to the Field Day Officer.

8. All boats must comply with Department of Marine Harbours rules and safety equipment requirements.

9. Bag limits and size of fish must comply with Fisheries Department rules.

10. INELIGIBLE fish for weighing include Blowfish, Dusky Morwong, Wrasse, Sweep, Stingray, Sergeant Baker, Gurnard and Protected Species.

11. All Sharks weighed in must be minus head, guts, fins and tails.

12. Unless otherwise defined by club rules all competitions will be conducted in accordance with AAA rules.

13. Any skipper who arrives late at a field day must notify the Field Day Officer or Assistant Field Day Officer that he has started late. The penalty for not informing the Field Day Officer or assistant Field day officer will result in the disqualification of the entire boat catch.

Drifters Deep Sea Angling Club Records

SpeciesAnglerYearLocationClub RecordState Record
Baldchin GroperRoss Stickman19842 Rocks5.7 kg7.1 kg
Blue GroperTerry Smith199917.9 kg35 kg
BonitioJohn Szczyglak2000Cervantes2.7 kg3.5 kg
Breaksea CodSteve Roads2000Cervantes3.5 kg3 kg
CobiaJohn Tsakolas1999Jurien9 kg61.5 kg
Coral troutTerry Smith2000Dongara4.6 kg5.4 kg
DhufishJohn Rochford2004Dawesville21.36 kg25.7 kg
Dolphin FishNigel Cass19965.2 kg16.15 kg
FlatheadT.Pak2.4 kg2.6 kg
FoxfishLindsay Goldsworthy1986Busselton1.4 kg1.295 kg
HarlequinJohn Williams2004Dawesville1.82 kg3.1 kg
King George WhitingPeter Cohglan1987 2 Rocks1.5 kg1.8 kg
KnifejawR Simms19941.8 kg4.1 kg
Leather JacketBob KellyOcean reef3.2 kg3.5 kg
MullowayKevin Kay2001Two Rocks14 kg33.1 kg
Nanigai3 kg
Pink SnapperBob Allan199410.5 kg16.5 kg
Queen SnapperTerry Pallot2000Cervantes8.9 kg11.3 kg
Red SnapperBruce Bennet2004Cervantes3.6 kg4.26 kg
SweetlipBill Pallot1990Cervantes2.3 kg3.256 kg
Samson FishJohn Rochford2004Dawesville31.24 kg53 kg
Shark (Head & tail removed)Steve Simms1996Jurien24 kg1079 kg
Shark MackeralBob Kelly2003Two Rocks7.58 kg11.56 kg
SkippyBob Kelly1995Rottnest6.3 kg7.12 kg
Spangle EmperorKen Brown1987Leeman2.5 kg6.5 kg
Spannish MackeralRon Carrig1986Cervantes3.3 kg42.2 kg
Yellow Tail KingfishKim Caphorn19957.6 kg21.52 kg
Yellowfin TunaJohn Williams200217 kg86 kg

Field Day Report, Dawesville 7 Nov 2004


What a great day to finish off the year's calendar of events.

The weather treated us kindly with great fishing conditions.

There were 6 boats and 17 anglers weighing in 244.42 kg of fish.

There were 3 good sized jewies weighed in. 15 kg, 19.3 kg and a new club record 21.36 kg.

Winner John Rochford 43.12 kg
Runner up  John Sczyzglak 37.86 kg
Visitor Murray Henderson  3.56 kg
Species John Sczyzglak (Baldy)  3.46 kg

The Cadbury Field day was won by John Rochford's boat (John Sheree John) with 115.64 kg giving an average per fisher of 38.54kg. Congratulations to all winners.

Field Day Report, Cervantes, 2 October 2004


With the starters gun going off at 6pm and the camera flashing, the Way out through the passage was a bit sloppy but as the day progressed the weather got better and better.

We had 11 boats and 27 fishos attend the days event with 97 fish being caught, weighing in at 310.60kg. Thanks to Mark Sinclair for his generosity and club spirit for towing in one of the visitors boats. (Dean said it was the best trip home heís had, no sore hands and he didnít spill a drop of his drink). The visitors even caught a tuna while under tow.

Winner Alex Cumming 34.10 kg
Runner up  Terry Pallot 33.32 kg
Visitor John Walker  21.60 kg
Species Glen Cumming (Baldy)  3.36 kg

JJ Concrete Pumping (John Williams) also donated $50.00 for the biggest Jewy for the day and this was won by Alex Cumming with a 13.56kg Jewy. Thanks JJ for your contribution to the day. Alex definitely had bragging rights for the day and he really let us have it when we got back to Jurien. Well Done Alex!

Thanks to ALLSPORTS TACKLE AND MARINE for sponsoring the field day and Congratulations to all winners.

Field Day Report, Cockburn 8 August 2004

The Cockburn field day was supported by 4 boats and 9 anglers. The day stated with 2.5m swells and light winds and improved as the day went on. Due to the good conditions lines up was extended until 2.30.

The day produced a catch of 30 fish weighing 149.44kg. Congratulations to Alan Henderson for a new club record of a 19.80kg jewfish. Thanks to John Williams for running the day.

Winner Alan Henderson 46.54kg
Runner up  Glen Cumming 25.06kg
Species Kim Caphorn, (KG Whiting)  0.90kg

Congratulations to all winners

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