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2009 AAA National Convention Reports and Dry Casting Results

Quick links to the main topics on this page:-

Report on Western Australia's activities and achievements
Team and individual winners photos
Dry casting results for WA entrants
Minutes of debrief meeting held 8 June 2009
Report on the 2009 National AAA Convention Annual General Meeting

Dry Casting report.

The 31st AAA National Angling Championships and Convention for 2009 was held at the Copper Coast in South Australia at the coastal town of Wallaroo, from 22 March to 3 April 2009..

Western Australia had a contingent of twenty competitors travel to South Australia to compete, mainly in the dry casting section. There are also boat, beach and estuary fishing, and some did compete in the other sections. Fifteen flew over for seven days and the remainder traveled by road and stayed for the full two weeks of the championships.

The WA team members were:-

Men's Malcolm Harris, Joe Pullella, Peter Pekaar, Rhys Jones, Keith Heaney, Ian Cook and Mark Hansen.

Ladies Marcia Pekaar, Vix Alexander and Wendy Hansen.

Veteran Men's George Holman, Bob Henderson, Allan Jones, Malcolm Head, Gary Gildersleeves, John Crompton, Trevor Stam, and Morris Kolman.

Juniors Marlin Heaney and Makaira Heaney

A lot of work went into the planning over an 18 month period to make it possible for all to be present to represent our State and the WA Division of the Australian Anglers Association. Accommodation, air fares, rod transport and bus hire to transport 15 members from Adelaide to Wallaroo and back were just some of the items to deal with and it took a team effort to make it happen.

A special mention must go the Department of Sport and Recreation and to Recfishwest for their sponsorship which helped meet some of the expenses of our contingent. Thank you.

Most of the group stayed at the caravan park right on the foreshore near the main jetty which made an ideal location for the group to operate from and was close to all facilities.

The casting events were held on Wednesday and Thursday 25 and 26 March, 20 minutes drive from Wallaroo towards Adelaide at a farm machinery activity site, more like a farmer's paddock with basic facilities. The weather was good, getting quite warm on the Thursday, with the wind mainly from the side with a slight following tendency.

Some members of the WA contingent helped South Australia set up the casting courts on the Tuesday afternoon, and most helped out during the tournament in marking and measuring the casts. This as appreciated by the South Australian Division as they were short of helpers.

All WA casters did their best at the event and as a result were quite successful. In the team events, we won the Men's and Ladies, were runners up in the Veterans and third in the Junior event, not a bad result!

In the Men's or Open event, Malcolm Harris was successful, proving that good consistent casting gets you the result. Some casters were "going for broke" and paid the price in break offs or casting outside the court. Rhys Jones ran fourth and Peter Pekaar fifth out of a field of thirty four.

In the 112 gram distance event, Rhys Jones cast 176.82 metres and Peter Pekaar cast 169.77 metres. The Artificial Bait saw Joe Pullella cast 149.91 metres Rhys Jones 144.76 metres and Keith Heaney 144.11 metres. In the Double Handed Accuracy, Malcolm Harris had the highest score for WA with 122 points out of the possible 200.

The Veterans Men's saw Gary Gildersleeves finish third, George Holman fourth, and Bob Henderson fifth out of a field of thirty seven casters. In the 112 gram distance, George Holman cast 158.52 metres, and Gary Gildersleeves cast 150.6 metres. The Artificial Bait saw George cast 122.35 metres, and Gary cast 120.69 metres. Gary scored 144 points out of a possible 200 in the Double Handed Accuracy.

In the Ladies, Marcia Pekaar came a creditable second and Vix Alexander ran fourth out of a field of twenty two. In the 112 gram distance Vix cast 110.5 metres and Marcia 104.65 metres. In the Artificial Bait Vix cast 95.66 metres and Marcia 90.59 metres. In the accuracy Marcia scored 120 points.

The WA Junior competitors Marlin and Makaira Heaney were a little out gunned as there were a few older and bigger juniors than them, but Marlin managed 94 points in the accuracy event.

The unlucky caster was Keith Heaney. In the 112 gram distance event the side wind blew his cast just out of court and it was measured at 210 metres - some cast!

Congratulations to the WA team on their achievements. You get the reward if you put in the effort, but most of all you have to work together otherwise it will not happen.

A special thank you to our WA senior State Patron Jim Strong who presented a special award to the top scorers for WA in the double handed accuracy event. This went to Malcolm Harris, (Men's) Marcia Pekaar (Ladies) and Gary Gildersleeves (Veterans)

Bev Grigo was a last minute withdrawal from the Ladies team as she suffered a shoulder injury. A special thanks to her for the work she did arranging the air tickets for most of the group.

Marcia Pekaar was our Treasurer for the carnival and was very efficient and organised and her work on our behalf was appreciated.

Bob Henderson was our State Captain and did a sterling job as usual and did a lot of preparatory work to our benefit.

Thank you all

George Holman
State Casting Organiser.


WA's 2009 National Dry Casting Team members

Team Photo. Front row, left to right:- Wendy Hansen, Malcolm Head, Marcia Pekaar, Rhys Jones, George Holman.
Second row, left to right:- Bob Henderson, Morris Kolman, Vix Alexander
Third row, left to right:- John Crompton, Trevor Stam, Peter Pekaar, Malcolm Harris
Back row, left to right:- Gary Gildersleeves, Ian Cook, Joe Pullella, Mark Hansen, Allan Jones.

Ladies runner up Marcia Pekaar and open winner Malcolm Harris

Winners from WA. Marcia Pekaar, Ladies runner up   Malcolm Harris, Open winner


Dry Casting results

The following pdf files have all the dry casting results for the Convention, including all WA results.

Individual Men's (18 kilobyte pdf file)

Individual Ladies (9 kilobyte pdf file)

Individual Veteran Men's (14 kilobyte pdf file)

Individual Veteran Ladies (6 kilobyte pdf file)

Individual Juniors (6 kilobyte pdf file)

Team Members Men (18 kilobyte pdf file)

Team Members Ladies (10 kilobyte pdf file)

Team Members Veteran Men (12 kilobyte pdf file)

Team Members Veteran Ladies (6 kilobyte pdf file)

Team Members Junior (6 kilobyte pdf file)

Men's Teams (15 kilobyte pdf file)

Ladies Teams (13 kilobyte pdf file)

Veteran Men's Teams (15 kilobyte pdf file)

Veteran Ladies Teams (9 kilobyte pdf file)

Juniors Teams (9 kilobyte pdf file)


Debrief meeting report.

A debrief meeting was held on 8 June 2009. The meeting was recorded, and electronic copies have been provided via email to people in attendance. A copy of the recording may be made available to people with a valid reason for requesting it. Contact AAAWA to request a copy of the 10 Megabyte file in DSS file format.

Agenda for AAAWA Debrief of 2009 National AAA Convention.

Agenda item 1. Attendance and apologies.
Agenda item 2. Introduction. AAAWA President Pat Shinnick
Agenda item 3. Ground rules for this meeting and these discussions. (58 kilobyte PDF file)
Agenda item 4. Positives - Achievements by teams and individuals, in preplanning, organisation of teams, transport, accommodation, competition, working as teams, etc.
Agenda item 5. Practical suggestions for building on positives
Agenda item 6. Negatives - such as number of workers, missed opportunities, things which could be done better, etc
Agenda item 7. Practical suggestions for reducing negatives
Agenda item 8. Any other items
Agenda item 9. Further meetings.

The minutes are available here:- Minutes of debrief meeting 8 June 2009 (43 kilobyte PDF file) These minutes were presented to the June AAAWA Delegates meeting.


2009 National AAA Convention Annual General Meeting report.

The following report on the 2009 National AAA Convention Annual General Meeting (15 kilobyte pdf file) was presented to the April 2009 WA Delegates meeting.


This page prepared 19 April 2009, last updated 16 June 2009.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383
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