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The Offshore Angling Club Boating Branch is one of the around 30 WA clubs affiliated with the Australian Anglers Association. The Club was formed in late 1972 after a small group of anglers from the Offshore Angling Club decided to branch away from beach fishing activities and take up boating. The club's first field day was held at Jurien Bay in 1973 and since then the club has never looked back.

The club quickly swelled in numbers and rapidly cemented itself as the State's premier boating club, and eventually a 100 boat cap had to be placed on membership because the club was literally filling car parks on field days. While nowhere near as large as days gone past the Offshore Angling Club (Boating Branch) continues to be one of the State's most attractive boat angling clubs.

Competitively, over the years the Offshore club has always been 'the club to beat' and has won just about more State Boat Angling Championships than any other club. Similarly, it has produced many individual State champion anglers, some of whom have become deep sea fishing 'legends', such as the amazing duo of John Buczolich and Eddie Rossi. If you know of these two fellows you will understand what I mean.


Safety at sea has always been one of the club's highest priorities and the club has well structured safety protocols that members must follow on field days. Over 250 field days have been held without any major mishaps or loss, which highlights the safety significance of the club. New or less experienced members are always well looked after by more experienced members to make sure their experiences are enjoyable ones.

At present, the club has a 'two boat system' where, if desired, a new member will be buddied with a more experienced member to be 'shown the ropes' at sea until their confidence has built up.

The club has also always had a rich and colourful social calendar with activities such as barbecues, quiz nights, fishing clinics trophy dinners to name but a few, that all members of the family are welcome to attend.

Points Scoring System.

The Offshore Club is primarily an offshore, deep sea fishing club though members are free to fish where they please. Offshore was one of the first clubs to introduce the 'species' fishing concept in its monthly field day competitions which allows both inshore and offshore fishers the chance to compete on a level playing field. Under this system only one fish of each species can be weighed in at a club field day and has produced a fairer and more competitive nature to the competitions.

Points are awarded on the basis of 10 points per listed species (the more common species i.e. Jewfish, Snapper, Skippy, King George whiting etc.), 2 points per unlisted species, 5 points per kilo, 10 points per heaviest listed species, 30 points for a club record and 15 points for attendance. Weigh ins are now very interesting with some unusual, quality species being weighed all the time.

Boating Field Days.

The Offshore Angling Club Boating Field Days for the 2002 - 2003 competition are:-

17 August 2002Two Rocks
28/29 September 2002 Jurien Bay
12 October 2002Pt. Peron
16 November 2002Two Rocks
17 December 2002Two Rocks
11 January 2003Fremantle
8 February 2003Lancelin
1/2 March 2003Jurien Bay
12 April 2003Two Rocks
17/18 May 2003Lancelin
31 May 1 June 2003Dongara

As you can see, the club moves around a bit and has quite a few country field days. We believe this keeps things interesting, as you are not stuck fishing the same ground all the time and similarly the country field days allow the club members to experience some of the best bottom fishing locations on the coast, as well as being great social weekends where good mates can get together.

An Invitation.

The Offshore Club would like to invite anybody to join up and take part in the club's activities. The club has divisions for Men, Veterans, Ladies and Juniors and field days are held at several locations up and down the coast.

The club is full of members eager to assist less experienced fishers who would like to improve their skills and success rate. Similarly for the more experienced fishers out there, there are more than enough 'old salts' to have friendly competition with, if the sporting side of the club is what attracts you.

Also, because we are a smaller club, the atmosphere is friendlier and more intimate, without the daunting feeling of being a 'number in the crowd'.

Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Sports Association of Australia on Stancliff Street in Mt Lawley at 7:30 pm.

Please come and say hello. If you would like to know more call Adam Eastman on (08) 9337 5695 or email us at

Adam Eastman.


Tips and photos from the Offshore Angling Club Boating Branch.


Species, rigs, techniques and baits for Boat Fishing on the Five Fathom Bank/Three Mile Reef, by Adam Eastman.

Photos. This page shows small versions of photos. Put your mouse cursor over the picture to see a description, or click on the photo to see a full size version.

 Adam Eastman with a 18.3 kg Jewfish..  Adam Eastman with a 40.988 kg Sampson fish..  Brent Eccles with a 4.11 kg Baldchin Groper.  Johnathon Rowe with a 1.2 kg Breaksea Cod..

 Cliff Osborne with a 5.5 kg Pink Snapper..  Peter Longo with a 15.789 kg Jewfish.


Contact the club for more information about the Offshore Angling Club Boating Branch.

Postal Address:-

Offshore Angling Club, Boating Branch
Private Box 6182,
East Perth,
Western Australia, 6892

Telephone (08) 9296 1133

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