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Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383

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Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct.

This Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct gives a guide to doing the right thing when fishing, travelling, camping, etc.

There is not anything in this list which is hard for you to do, just things we are sure you would like everyone else to do too. Even though these are easy, they are very important.

Our Fishery

Treat all fish humanely.

Quickly and correctly return unwanted or not legal catch into the waterto maximise the chance of survival.

Take no more than your immediate needs.

Value your catch and keep it in good condition for eating.

Understand and observe all fishing regulations.

Use only legal fishing tackle and attend your gear.

Support and encourage activities which maintain, restore and enhancefisheries and fish habitats.

The philosophy of "Catch and Release" should be considered.

Our Environment

Do not leave litter anywhere. Use rubbish bins when available, or takerubbish away with you to prevent pollution and to protect wildlife.

Wherever you go, leave the place clean and tidy, and take away otherpeople's rubbish if that is possible.

Do not do anything which will or may damage the marine, coastal orland environment.

Our Community.

Respect local, state and national rules and laws, the rights of propertyowners, and the rights of others.

Observe the rules of common courtesy whenever fishing or travelling.

Try not to overcrowd and do leave room for fellow anglers.

Offer aid and assistance wherever it is needed or it would be helpful.

Inform and encourage other people to adopt a similar code of conduct.

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This page last updated 10 December 2010.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383
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