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State Drycasting 2004/2005.

The Australian Anglers Association, (WA Division) runs the Western Australian State Dry Casting Championships each year.

The 2004/2005 State dry casting championships were held at the Yokine reserve on Sunday 31 October. The weather was fine with varying wind conditions from still early, to southeast and swinging to southwest later with mild to light gusts.

Attendance was poor with only 40 casters present, and only four clubs represented which was disappointing. These were Surfcasters, Offshore, Bunbury, and Melville.

It was very pleasing to see Melville participated and they have a number of casters with ability and I hope they continue to pursue their interest in casting. They had teams in the open, ladies and veterans.

The junior and mini junior ranks were lean but I thank Emily and Jessica Hughes for their efforts.

Earlier arrivals all hopped in and helped to put the three distance courts the accuracy courts down. A few early hitches with team entries and a computer glitch, which has been addressed and will not be a problem in the future, resulted in a later start than we intended.

With the help of casters and in particular Terry Willison and John Romano, who worked all day marking, casting concluded a little after four o'clock. Everyone help pack up all the gear while the scores were collated and presentations went ahead just after 5 p.m., thanks to the efficiency of Paul Frzop who handled all the scoring on the computer. A special thank you to Paul, Terry and John for their efforts.

Bob Henderson deserves a large pat on the back as he organised and did most of the cooking on the barbecue, attending to the needs of those present in the food and drink line, and on top of that organised the raffle of a reel which was duly won by Nick Allsworth.

Events such as our casting could not be successful without the help of our sponsors, Magic Nissan and Gladiator Tackle and our thanks go to them for the continued support. Magic Nissan sponsor the winners and runners-up trophies and have done so for close to 20 years, may also made available a car service to the value of $150. This was drawn on competitor's numbers and the lucky winner was Joe Pullella.

Gladiator Tackle sponsored the winning team members trophies. They are agents for Banax Reels and I note the longest cast by Chas Riegert of 179.6 metres and the open winner Nick Allsworth both use these reels for casting!

Jim Strong, our patron made himself available for the presentations. Thanks Jim.

Even though the number of casters was down, the quality of the casting was a very high standard. There were a number of casters who had personal bests on the day. These included Peter Stoeckel and Simon Waters from the Melville club in the open and Geoff Raftis in the veterans who all lifted the bar substantially.

Gary Gildersleeves led the way in the double handed accuracy with 141 out of a possible 200. Filomena D'Alonzo headed the ladies division and Bob Henderson was really on fire with a score of 165.

In the 56 gram level line distance Chas Riegert had the top aggregate in the open and George Holman had the longest cast with 152.7 metres. In the ladies Filomena D'Alonzo had the top aggregate just beating Janet Hughes. Bob Henderson led the way in the veterans section.

The artificial bait teams results were very close in the open with less than one percent separating Nick Allsworth casting for Offshore Angling club, Chas Riegert and George Holman casting for Surfcasters. Sandy Waters casting for Melville was the top lady and Alan Jones Surfcasters led the way for the veterans.

The open artificial bait event saw different casters come to the fore with Joe Pullella casting for Offshore leading the open division and his longest cast was 159.5 metres. Janet Hughes casting for Bunbury was top lady and Bob Henderson Surfcasters showed the veterans how it is done!

The premier event, the 112 gram level line distance event went to Chas Riegert, just beating Nick Allsworth by 0.02 of a percent. Chas also had the longest cast with 179.6 metres. Sandy Waters (Melville) was top lady and in the veterans Geoff Raftis Surfcasters just beat Allan Jones by half of one percent, closely followed by Tony D'Alonzo of the Surfcasters.

Emily and Jessica Hughes from Bunbury performed creditably all day.

In the teams events Surfcasters proved to be the winner being successful in the men's, ladies and veterans sections while Bunbury won juniors and mini juniors.

Champion in the open section for the second year in a row was Nick Allsworth casting for Offshore with 270.76%, second was George Holman, Surfcasters 267.73% and third was Gary Gildersleeves Surfcasters 266.36%. As you can see not a lot between the top three and casting was close all day.

Result in the ladies event was even closer with Filomena D'Alonzo Surfcasters 281.92% just defeating Sandy Waters (Melville) with 281.15%.

Casting in the veterans was just as tight with Mal Head, Surfcasters 253.70 % defeating Tony D'Alonzo 251.26 % and third going to Bob Henderson with 249.81 %.

Emily Hughes Bunbury was champion junior and Jessica Hughes Bunbury was champion mini junior.

To all the winners go my congratulations on great casting which was justly rewarded. To all who competed on the day my

sincere thanks and I only hope to see a lot more clubs and club members participating in next year's event.

Most importantly to anyone who helped many way to make the day the success it was my heartfelt thanks. This contributes to the comradery and friendships which is the most important aspect of this type of event and which keeps us all involved in casting.

I would also wish our casters who will be attending Yeppoon in Queensland next year at the National Convention all the best.

See you all next year

George Holman, President, Australian Angler's Association, W. A. Division.

The full casting results for the 2004 State Dry Casting Championships are in the pages:-

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56 gram distance (teams)

Artificial Bait distance (teams)

Artificial Bait distance (Individual)

112 gram distance (individual)

Overall Individual Results

Team Results

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