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State Drycasting 2005/2006.

The Australian Anglers Association, (WA Division) runs the Western Australian State Dry Casting Championships each year. The 2005/6 State Dry Casting Championships were held at Yokine reserve on Sunday 30 October.

And we call it "Dry" Casting. Many comments were made that the event should be organised for late Spring, when normally in Perth we have fine, sunny, warm weather.

The weather was all over the place starting with a strong gusty wind from the Northwest swinging to the west and then the southwest and eventually calming down later in the day. A good deal of rain and drizzle was experienced from mid morning to mid afternoon which made conditions uncomfortable and challenging.

The first event was the double handed accuracy. In the open section Gary Gildersleeves set the pace with 145 points. The nearest competitor to him was Kevin Hughes with 101 and Malcolm Harris with 100 points. This gave Gary a substantial break on the field which put him in an unassailable position.

Filomena D'Alonzo led the ladies with 111 points and in the veterans section a more even tussle took place with Peter Osborne and Jim Strong tieing with 128 points followed by Tony D'Alonzo with 122 and Malcolm Head with 118 points. Rhys Jones scored 114 in the junior section and Emily Hughes set the pace in the mini junior group.

Joe Pullella set a new distance record in the 56 gram event with a cast of 174.9 metres. George Holman was second with 152.7 metres. Tony Ong had a personal best of 150.3 metres. Vix Alexander led the way in the ladies with 102.1 metres and in the veterans Ian Cook showed his prowess with 135.7 metres, followed by Malcolm Head 129.1 metres. Rhys Jones continued his good distance casting in the juniors with 138.5 metres setting a new junior State record. Emily Hughes was longest in the mini juniors with 48.72 metres.

In the team's artificial bait, Joe Pullella had the longest cast with 166.6 metres and Nick Allsworth second longest at 157.6 metres. Janet Hughes led the ladies with 91.34 metres just shading Filomena D'Alonzo 91.34 metres. In fact the ladies event was very close with only a few percent separating them all. Ian Cook continued his good casting with 135.1 metres and closest to him was Allan Jones 124.5 metres. In the juniors Rhys Jones cast 125.3 metres followed by Andrew Stoeckel 83.27 metres. Emily Hughes led the way in the mini juniors with 45.82 metres.

Joe Pullella broke the State record in the Individual artificial bait event with a cast of 167.5 metres - a great cast. George Holman was next with 150.5 metres. Close competition continued in the ladies with only 10 percent separating the top 4 ladies. Janet Hughes led the group with a cast of 90.93 metres closely followed by Vix Alexander 88.97 metres. Longest cast in the veterans went to Mick Burgin at 134.9 metres followed by Ian Cook 129.1 metres. Rhys Jones managed 124.2 metres in the juniors followed by Andrew Stoeckel 82.81 metres. Once again Emily Hughes led the mini juniors with 41.39 metres.

The final event, the 112 gram distance, saw some extremely good distances even though there was not a lot of wind around by that time. Joe Pullella had the longest cast for the tournament with 191.4 metres, followed by Nick Allsworth 181.7 metres. Vix Alexander was longest in the ladies with 110.9 metres followed by Sandy Waters 103.4 metres. Ian Cook 157.9 metres just shaded Mick Burgin with 156.2 metres for the longest cast in the veterans. Rhys Jones showed how it has done in the juniors with 154.4 metres. Longest cast in the mini juniors went to Emily Hughes 45.82 metres.

Gary Gildersleeves, because of his excellent accuracy casting and consistent distances went on to win the Open Individual followed by Nick Allsworth and George Holman. A good close competition amongst the ladies saw Filomena D'Alonzo win with Vix Alexander second and Janet Hughes third. There was not a lot separating the top five in the veterans but Peter Osborne got the nod followed by Allan Jones and Mick Burgin. Rhys Jones won the juniors event followed by Andrew Stoeckel and Emily Hughes led the field in the mini junior section followed by Samara Cox, Jessica Hughes and Justine Davis.

In the team events, results were:-

Open:-   Surfcasters 1, Offshore Beach 2, Melville 3.

Ladies:-   Surfcasters 1, Bunbury 2, Melville 3

Veterans:-   Surfcasters (1) 1, Surfcasters (2) 2, Melville 3

Juniors:-   Surfcasters 1

Mini juniors:-   Bunbury 1, Melville 2

Once again, Magic Nissan sponsored the individual trophies and we extend our appreciation for the generosity as do all the winners.

Terry Fuller, our Association Secretary did a lot of work with the publicity and entry forms and finance and we thank him. Do not know what we would do without him.

Paul Frzop once again worked tirelessly all day preparing the scoring sheets and collating all the results in his usual enthusiastic manner and we really appreciate your work Paul. Thanks.

Andy Thorgersen, Jim Yeates and Peter Stoeckel provided a sausage sizzle and drinks all day which we all appreciated. Thanks once again.

To those who helped on the Saturday to put their lanes down and to all who helped with the marking and those doing the measuring, a sincere thank you.

To all who braved the weather and competed, I hope you enjoyed the day, the casting and comradery and I am sure we would like to see a lot more present next year. We must all endeavour to promote casting as much as possible as it is a great day. We would like to see more clubs make the effort to attend and there is always plenty of help available if needed.

Thank you all.       George Holman,   AAA Dry Casting Organiser.

The full casting results for the 2005 State Dry Casting Championships are in the pages:-

Accuracy (teams and individual)

56 gram distance (teams)

Artificial Bait distance (teams)

Artificial Bait distance (Individual)

112 gram distance (individual)

Overall Individual Results

Team Results

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