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2008-2009 State Drycasting Championships.

The Australian Anglers Association, (WA Division) runs the Western Australian State Dry Casting Championships each year.

This event was held at Yokine Reserve, Inglewood on Sunday, 26 October 2008 with a small attendance of 42 casters.

The day was fine with initially nil wind to gusty coming in from the right-hand-side of the courts, which the ladies, veterans, juniors and mini-juniors had to contend with, which restricted their distances and later in the day there was a following wind, gusting and getting stronger, which helped the men's distances.

There is always some very good casting at these events and the highlight of this event was Gary Gildersleeves' 176 out of a possible 200 in the Veterans double-handed accuracy, which is a new State and National record.

Highest scores in double-handed accuracy were:

Men: Mal Harris 120; Joe Pullella 119 and Nick Allsworth 115

Ladies: Filomena D'Alonzo 127 and Marcia Pekaar 102

Veterans: Gary Gildersleeves 176; George Holman 145 and Mal Head & Bob Henderson 141

Juniors: Holly Walker 32

Mini-Juniors: Justine Davis 33 and Ben Pullella 20

The 56g distance better casts were:

Men: Joe Pullella 162.74; Chas Riegert 154.41 and Scott Rolls 141.22

Ladies: Wendy Hansen 103.83 and Marcia Pekaar 98.01

Veterans: Gary Gildersleeves 133.80 and George Holman 132.80

Juniors: Holly Walker 55.03

Mini-Juniors: Ben Pullella 74.26 and Michael Pullella 48.77

Best casts in the Artificial Bait events were:

Men: Chas Riegert 163.78 and Joe Pullella 159.53

Ladies: Wendy Hansen 90.20 and Marcia Pekaar 88.69

Veterans: George Holman 122.60; Bob Henderson 122.40 and Gary Gildersleeves 117.80

Juniors: Holly Walker 55.05

Mini-Juniors: Ben Pullella 56.33; Michael Pullella 39.08 and Justine Davis 26.82

The 112g longest casts were:

Men: Chas Riegert 193.86; Scott Rolls 174.64 and Rhys Jones 171.91

Ladies: Marcia Pekaar 107.38; Wendy Hansen 102.07 and Filomena D'Alonzo 103.02

Juniors: Holly Walker 67.69

Mini-Juniors: Ben Pullella 59.28; Michael Pullella 40.54 and Justine Davis 30.70

As can be seen, there was a high standard of casting.

In the Team Events, the results were as follows:

Men: 1 Offshore Angling Club Beach 1,258.14%

2 Surf Casting & Angling Club 1,203.68%

3 Melville Amateur Angling Club 1,188.46%

Ladies: 1 Surf Casting & Angling Club 736.93%

2 Offshore Angling Club Beach 625.06%

Veterans: 1 Surf Casting & Angling Club (2) 750.35%

2 Surf Casting & Angling Club (1) 725.93%

3 Melville Amateur Angling Club 462.14%

Juniors: 1 Surf Casting & Angling Club 300.00%

Mini-Juniors: 1 Surf Casting & Angling Club 400.67%

2 Melville Amateur Angling Club 233.57%

Congratulations to all the Individual and Club Winners on their achievements.

I now come to the thank you part of this report.

Firstly a special thank you to the clubs which attended, in particular it was good to see Melville Club participating and I look forward to more clubs becoming involved in 2009.

Magic Nissan once again sponsored the individual winners and runner-up awards. They have been doing this for many years now, so a special thank you to them and we can reciprocate by thinking of them when we are looking to buy a car. Make sure you mention State Dry Casting and our Association!!

To John Curtis who helped me organise the day and who did an excellent and accurate job in the computer work and results, thank you. Your efforts were appreciated by all.

Greg Walker catered for the burgers and drinks for the whole of the day and to say his efforts were appreciated would be an understatement. The work done by Greg and his helpers, particularly Andy Thorgersen, was first class.

Geoff Raftis came down and helped me with the scoring on the Ladies/Vets/Junior/Mini Junior court and certainly knows what he is doing, which makes my job that much easier. Thanks, Geoff.

Jim Strong (our Patron) once again officiated at the Presentation of Trophies at the end of the day, having his photo taken many times and conducted proceedings with his usual speech.

Mention must also go to the helpers who came down late Saturday afternoon to set up the courts. Without their efforts, you would all be doing this prior to casting commencing.

A special thanks from me to all who attended and to everyone who helped in any way to make the day a success.

I look forward to a better attendance next year and I wish the group of casters going to Wallaroo in March 2009 every success.

George Holman

The results and scores for the 2008/9 drycasting are in 2008DrycastingResults.pdf (40 kilobyte PDF file.) Individual results are in 2008DrycastingIndividualResults.pdf (26 kilobyte PDF file)

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This page last updated 27 January 2009.

Australian Anglers Association
(WA Division) Inc.

PO Box 2200
Marmion, 6020
Western Australia
(08) 9403 7383
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